Does Regular Vitamin D Work As Well As Dovonex?

Does regular vitamin D work as well as the active ingredients in Dovonex? 

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For Vitamin D to help psoriasis it has to be given in such high doses that toxicity ensues. Thus, calcipitriol was developed as a cream, ointment and solutiion.

Like Vitamin D, this Vitamin D 3 analgue it helps cells slow down and mature and this is one of the positive effects in psoriasis.

Many of us dermatologists were surprised when Dovonex ointment was taken off the market. It seemed to us that it was much more effective than the cream form.

Recently, Galderma introduced a new form of Vitamin D3 in a product called Vectical. This is in an ointment form. In head to head studies it performed better than Dovonex.

So far, I have prescribed it maybe twelve times and have been fairly impressed with the results. It is especially useful in areas such as the groin and face where we are reluctant to use steroids. Dovonex was found to be occasionally irritating in these areas, so it will be a real boost in treatment if Vectical is not irritating in those locations.

If you are interested in Vitamin D, we covered it quite extensively in our radio show of April 23rd.

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