Why Did Tretinoin and Differin Age my Skin,though They're Supposed to Help with Aging?

started using tretinoin 0.05 a year ago for acne.the first 2 or 3 months my skin looked great.but then a small frown line and enlarged pores appeared on my forhead.i kept using it for another 3 months,but at the end of the 6th month i had grown laugh lines,wrinkly and saggy forhead and large pores.i quit it,but after 4 months i was put on differin for 2 months for acne.it helped with acne,but no helping with wrinkly and saggy forhead and laugh lines.those lines have been there for a year.i'm 24

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Acne tretinoin cream and wrinkles

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Tretinoin cream does not cause wrinkles or saggy skin.  In addition to acne, we use tretinoin cream for anti-aging because it stimulates collagen and smooths skin.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist to assess your skin and use sun protection.

Toronto Dermatologist

Topical Retinoids do not Age the Skin

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Topical retinoids do not "age" the skin.  They are able to stimluate collagen production, thus having a slight improvement on small lines and wrinkles.  I recommend being evaluated by a board certified dermatologist if your skin is prematurely aging as there are certain dermatological and systemic conditions that should be evaluated for.

Anthony Perri, MD
Houston Dermatologist

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