Can Dermatologists Provide Any Prescription Creams That Can Lighten Hypertrophic Scars That Are Dark/discolored?

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Scar Fade Cream

I often recommend DERMATIX, a silicone gel that has helped my patients. It can be used on older scars as well. You can also use a product that contains hydroquinone or other skin lightening agent, but use only with your physician's advice.

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Skin lightening creams for dark scars

I recommend the Melaquin PM creams for nighttime and Melaquin AM creams for AM use.  These creams can enhance lightening of dark scars.

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Skin Lightening Products Should Be Used As Part Of A Comprehensive Scar Management Plan

A skin lightening agent can be utilized to lighten the color of both skin and scars. Some common lightening agents include hydroquinone, retinoids, and kojic acid; used singly or in combination. These products can be obtained through either dermatology or plastic surgery offices. We carry several options in our office.

For best results, if a lightning agent is going to be used on a scar, it needs to be applied while the scar is still healing. This helps to suppress pigment formation while the inflammation associated with normal healing is present; and that will help reduce the pigment formation and subsequent darkening of the scar.  For darker skinned patients it is even better to begin using these products prophylactically before any hyperpigmentation is visible, especially if there is a high likelihood that pigment will form in the scar. The duration of use may vary from between several months to almost a year depending upon the individual circumstances of the scar and healing. Corticosteroids may also play a role in the management of hypertrophic scars. Sun protection during this same period is crucial to avoid additional hyperpigmentation.

Once a scar has hyperpigmented it is extremely difficult to remove the pigment with any of the topical agents. The only treatment that will provide potential improvement at that point is surgery – excise the scar and try again. An experienced plastic surgeon can detail the risk, benefits, and expected outcomes of such a procedure so you can determine if it is worthwhile.

Depending upon the age of your scar, the size and location of your scar, and the degree of hypertrophy, surgical revision may be your best option.

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