My derm diagnosed a spot on my leg as a dermatafibroma quickly without a biopsy. Is clinical observation pretty accurate without biopsy? Also-I have a little skin colored bump on my back. I think i remember it months ago. It is slightly raised but mostly under the skin. It is very similar to the dermatafibroma on my leg. It's flatter, blanches (except for some pigmentation on the outside), and will disappear under my skin. I'm getting it looked at in January. Can you get dermatafibromas anywhere?

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Only rarely does a dermatofibroma need a biopsy...

would trust a dermatologist to make the diagnosis...should only take a second or two...and yes you can get them almost anywhere...but if you're extra concerned or if the spots change, go back and get some reassurance...

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A dermatofibroma is a very common buttonlike benign growth in the skin.   Interestingly, they are typically a scar like reaction to a mosquito bite.  Most dermatologists can easily diagnose them clinically. 


However, if you are worried you should seek another opinion or ask that your dermatologist take a small specimen for histologic diagnosis.


Hope it helps.

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