Spot on Cheek That Won't Heal

The first dermatologist thinks that the spot on my face could be Basal cell cancer. I went to a second dermatologist he thinks it just a pimple. Now this pimple has not healed in 3 months I'm 35 clear health history. I have used 30% fruit acid to clear it up I have used benzoyl peroxide i tried neoporine for a week every night with a bandaid nothing has cleared it up. The second derma freezed the spot and not much change overnight to the spot since freezing it. Just wondering what I should do.

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Non healing lesions need a biopsy

If a lesion is not acting normally and persists, or if there is a sore, crust etc. and one dermatologist thinks that a biopsy is wise, then you should absolutely have a biopsy, otherwise you won't know if it needs to come out until it declares itself and that can be a long while from now. Meanwile, the growth is still growing and can cause you harm in the future. Basal cell carcinoma is treated commonly, very successfully and with great results.

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I bet the second dermatologist felt that it was more than a "pimple" too. He may not have wanted to be as direct with their diagnosis. Otherwise, he would not have frozen the lesion.

 The fact that it did not resolve would  militate that this is a basal cell carcinoma. Certainly, in light of the first dermatologist's opinion, and its persistence after three months, this lesion is crying out for a biopsy.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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Get a biopsy to definitively diagnose non-healing wound

In my opinion, the "bottom line": stop messing around and get a biopsy! This is the only definitive way to establish a diagnosis. If you are concerned about a scar, a small dermal punch can be used. However, this may require more surgery to completely remove the lesion. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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