What should be my step for curing acne. (photos)

I am having acne from last 1 year. But now a days it became horrible. Kindly suggest treatment. I have done all home remedies for curing please help.

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Severe nodulo cystic acne

From your photos, you seem to be suffering from nodulo-cystic acne. These are very painful and no matter how much you squeeze them, nothing happens. This is because, your acne are very deep, all the way down to the bottom of the dermis.  By the way, NEVER ever POP your acne with your fingers and the metal pimple popper by all means. If you do this, you will be traumatizing your skin even more, creating uglier scars. They need to be drained properly by a doctor who knows how to do it. Don't get steroid shots too. I inherit acne scars that have been shot with steroids and they are very difficult to treat. Back to your acne, they are the severe type. The bad ones are alongside your jaw which will often leave deep scars if your acne is not properly treated. Home made remedies will not work. See a doctor ASAP that specializes in acne treatment. Good luck.

Fresno Physician
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Acne not controlled with home remedies

You need to see a dermatologist or a doctor that specializes in acne. It should first be treated with prescription medications and topicals. Retin A should be included. If not improving over the course of 3-4 months, consider adding chemical peels. Your darker skin type make lasers less of an option. On some patients, Accutane might be needed.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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