Options For Life-Long Deep Lines on Neck? (photo)

i have 2 deep lines on my neck which have always been there even in my childhood photo's so i think they are genetic but is there any way to ge rid of them becuase i really don't like them.

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Treatment for Neck Lines

Neck lines represent areas where the skin is attached to the underlying muscle. If present since childhood, injecting botulinum toxin may help soften them. As we age, the wrinkles become even more prominent, at this stage, fillers may help soften them. Resurfacing procedures will not be very helpful in my experience in lines that have been present from childhood. Lines that develop later in life may respond to resurfacing with medium depth chemical peels. The ultimate treatment is to free the skin from the underlying muscle, which occurs when we do facial platysmaplasty or facelift.

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There is no treatment for horizontal neck lines

The two horizontal neck lines are congenital.  They result from the flexed position of the neck while we are in the womb.  We have similar folds on the inside of our wrists.  They are more prominent in some people, but everyone has them.  There is no treatment for these lines. 

Melissa Chiang, MD, FAAD
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