Which is More Important when Choosing a Surgeon: Experience or Bedside Manner?

When deciding on a surgeon, what should you look into more? I went on two consults so far and im deciding on which surgeon I should go forward with. One made me feel positive, welcome and is very friendly like but doesnt have alot of experience with the specific procedure im seeking for and the other one has alot of experience and the before and after pics look great but is not friendly like. I'm confuse but want to make a decision as soon as posible. Any ideas to help me decide??

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Choosing a Plastic Surgeon: experience and bedside manner both count

I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect your plastic surgeon to have the credentials, experience and results that you are looking for, but for him to also have an excellent bedside manner.  In this day and age in nearly every city in the country, you should be able to find an individual with both sets of qualities without too much searching around.  I think in the end it will make the whole experience more positive to have great results and a great interaction with your surgeon.

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Choosing between Surgeon Attitude and Surgeon Experience

We are no longer leaving in the early 20th century when only the major cities had medical specialists and they could behave any way they wanted. These days, large cities have hundreds of qualified Plastic surgeons who would like your patronage. You do not need to choose between a friendly, dedicated surgeon and an older, more experienced Jerk as your surgeon.

You have seen 2 surgeons, I would suggest you see at least 2 more Plastic surgeons. You may find that like any group there are Friend AND experienced Plastic surgeons out there; you should not need to compromise.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Choosing the right surgeon

Ideally you would like to find a surgeon who has training, talent, expertise, experience, and a great bedside manner.  But if you had to choose between lesser individuals, I would go with the one with more experience and better results and deal with his personality because no matter how nice the other guy is, it won't help you if your result isn't great. 

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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