4 Days After Photofacial - Will This Scar? (photo)

I have terrible red marks on my chest still after 4 days. Spots feel like they are going to peel and there maybe some small blisters here and there. Is this normal and will it leave scars? Neck and face seem OK - why would my chest have had such a different response?

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Chest burn after Photofacial

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What you have is a burn. The skin of the chest is much different than that on the face. Extreme care needs to be taken, and proper settings used, when treating the chest or it can result in striping, which you have. Fortunately yours appears to be superficial and will hopefully go away ok on it's own. Do NOT pick or rub it. Apply cool water followed by a topical hydrocortisone 1% (available from your local pharmacy for a few dollars). And please take these photos in with you in the future and call the office that treated you. The natural inclination for treatment is to move up a bit in settings after each treatment. If they do this the next treatment could and probably will burn you so badly it will be permanent. So be careful!!!!

Photofacial and red marks

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Chest skin is much more sensitive than skin on the face so usually the settings are lowered for the chest.  You have had some burns and should wash very gently and keep the area moist with Aquaphor ointment until healed.  You must avoid sun exposure or you will develop brown marks.  You should consult the physician who treated you to form a future treatment plan for you.  The stripes will probably need to be filled in to give you an even result.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Because the skin is different on the chest.

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As bad as this looks, it most likely will not scar.  Even the pigmentary issues often resolve in a few weeks.  This service seem quite safe but it is not.  In my office, I do not allow nurses or technicians to perform the service because it is easy to become surprised by the skin reaction.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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