Dark Circles Under Eyes: Laser and Juvederm Side Effects

Dark under eyes: One month ago a plastic surgeon used a laser to correct extra blood flow and Juvederm for the hollows. My eyes have been irritated (burning, tension) since.

A week and a half ago the doctor said the laser probably caused dry eyes and I've been using extra strength eye drops day and night, but they're still red and irritated.

Questions: Do you think it was the laser or could it be the Juvederm causing this discomfort? I don't know if I should get the Juvederm removed or not?

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Eye irritation after resurfacing and Juvederm injections

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I can't imagine how the filler, Juvederm, would create burning of the  eyes.  If laser creates excessive tightness of the lower eyelid skin, and you have lost elasticity of that skin with time and sunexposure, then possibly, the skin might be contracting and the eyelid skin might be pulling away from the eyes. If this is happening, then your tears that normally bathe the eyes and moisten the surface of the cornea could be prevented from doing this and your eyes might be drying out or getting irritated.  See an ophthalmologist for a check. They can do tests for tear production and check your cornea, and conjunctiva for allergies, etc.

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Dry eyes after laser and Juvederm

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There are many different lasers that can be used to improve the appearance of dark ciccles arounf the eyes and I don't know what laser your surgeon used or the settings for that laser. In 20 years of using lasers to treat dark circles as well as blood vessels around the eyes I have never seen or heard of a patient that develooped dry eyes. In our office we use the Q-Switched Ruby laser for dark circles and Cool Touch varia for blood vessels aroiund the eyes and the Active and Deep FX fractionated CO2 lasers for wrinkles. We also use the Aluma or Thermage to tighten skin around the eyes.

It may be wise to get a second opinion for your problem.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
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