Dark Circles That Look Like Bruises - What is This?

I have these dark circles, if thats what you want to call them. They are bruises in my opinion. Had them for over a year and a half. This has to be extremely rare. Can't find anyone like it. I think fat loss do to meth/ sleepless nights/excessive drinking in 2009. I can't find anyone with circles like these. Nothing works. release will do anything. Or if fat grafting/transfer/repositioning will help? There is broken capallaries there but just in my under corners? What is this? Tear trough?

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These are not "bruises."

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What you have here is very thin skin.  Under the skin is a thin dark muscle that lines the eyelids and acts to close the eyelids.  Light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by this muscle leaving the skin looking dark relative to the cheek.  Restylane treatment does not change this basic fact but filling does help the shadowing that occurs with the concavity of the area and helps with the appearance of the dark circles.  This treatment is much more predictable than fat grafting.  Fat repositioning will be very disappointing for you because you have no herniated lower eyelid fat.

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