Treatment Options for Dark Armpits?

This is gross, but my armpits are significantly darker than the rest of my body. I am dark skinned (think Halle Berry complexion) but my underarms are dark. The darkening is also present in the grooves of my cleavage and on my neck--but not as extreme as it is on my underarms. Is there any treatment I can get? I am currently exfoliating daily hoping that it will remove the layers of dark skin. I was thinking some sort of a peel designated for anti-aging could maybe help?

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Fraxel Restore laser treatment for dark underarms

You should see a board certified dermatologist to evaluate your condition and see if you have acanthosis nigricans. SOmetimes a biopsy can be done to confirm this as there are other benign conditions that cause darkening of the axillary skin. Some cases of acanthosis nigricans are associated with diabetes and/or being overweight. There may be improvement with prescription creams but because of the occluded skin area, topical therapy could be irritating and this could exacerbate the dark color.  Fraxel restore laser treatments may improve this condition, but there are risks, including, but not limited to further darkening via postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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