How to Correct Uneven Skin Tone?

If someone of an African background has a darker shade of skin on the higher part of the cheek bone. It starts from the eyelids to the cheek bone. What are the reasons for it occurring and how does one get rid of this?

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This is a difficult problem to correct. Bleaching creams and sunavoidance are your best options.

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Thank you for your question.

This area is usually darker in most people, but if the darker area around the cheekbone is very bothersome, you can try using a hydroquinone bleaching cream from 4-6% to try to lighten the area. It is also key to avoid prolonged sun exposure while trying to lighten the area.

The main reasons for this darkness are genetics and sun exposure, amongst others. It is very common to see this skin darkening in darker skinned people and is not always successfully addressed, even with stronger bleaching creams.

Hope this helps!

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