Constant Red Patches on Cheeks?

My cheeks are constantly red/pink. The redness varies in intensity, for example it's much brighter right after a hot shower. It effects more of the area closer to my ears, the redness appears "patchy" and can sometimes look like a rash of some sort, although the effected area doesn't feel bumpy. It doesn't make the skin too rough but it's not as soft as the rest of my skin, either.

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A Classic

Good chance, no a great chance this is an early manifestation of rosacea...generally a lifelong sensitivity to anything that makes your skin coffee, hot showers or hot tubs, hot spicy foods, exercise and alcohol...even getting hot under the collar - stress ultimately may worsen the condition...but there's help with less hot or spicy foods, cooling off with a cold drink and maybe holding a cold can against the skin...lots of medicine available...most are a waste of money...lots of maybe so good treatments down the road a bit...always the possibility of laser therapy if it becomes too much of a problem...but the benefits fade with continued exposure to the be cool...

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