Can Condyloma Be Treated?

Hello, My girlfriend is diagnosed with condyloma, the doctors removed the bumps on her vigaina and many doctors suggested that we should separate, we have been together for 3 months and we had protected sex around 10 times, the doctors gave me injections and they said i will be fine, but i'm not sure about me & her together. may you please list the pros and cons if we stay together ? and can she be cured ? Thanks

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It's only a virus...don't let it get in the way of your relationship...

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sure condyloma can be treated...actually just the wart virus...not sure what injection the doctor gave you...assume it's the to some degree if you haven't been infected yet...for the overwhelming majority of those infected...the flu and the common cold has more annoying symptoms...would you let a wart on her finger end your relationship?  If not, why the fuss?

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