Should I Be Concerned with a Small Bit of Oozing 6 Weeks Post Op?

Even though the steri strips came off 4 weeks earlier as instructed by my ps, there were no major concerns w/ the insicions. This morning however, I noticed a small amount of gel like blood on the scaraway strip I had been using. I was very liberal w/ the application in this instance & used the serum (w/ rollerballs) as well as putting the scaraway silicone sheet on top. I have no other signs of infection & my ps is out of state. Help!

Additional Information Added 9/6/2011

The procedure was my second breast augmentation. I had mentor saline filled textured implants (teardrop?) 270 & 275cc for 13 years and had them replaced with silicone, round moderate profile implants 350cc.

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Breast surgery and drainage

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More details would be necessary to understand what is going on.  Is it superficial skin irritaion, or an acutal open wound around implants?

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Drainage 6 weeks post op.

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Hello, What procedure did you have? Drainage 6 weeks after surgery following any procedure should be investigated. Sometimes the application of skin tapes can cause blisters and this can result in some drainage. If this occurs just stop the taping and apply some antibiotic ointment. If there is no skin blistering we need to make sure you do not have a seroma that the body is trying to get rid of or the beginning of an infection. Your plastic surgeon should either be reached through his answering service or there should be someone on call for him/her. If overt signs of infection are note you wood benefit from obtaining a culture of the draining fluid and starting antibiotics. All the best, Dr Repta

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