Clinique Medical Worth It?

I am seeking the best skin care product for recovery from chemical peeling. Currently my doctor promotes use of Obagi skin care line. I saw that Clinique has a new product for skin repair post-procedure called Clinique medical. Is Clinique medical really worth it? Do you use it in your practice?

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Yes, Clinique Medical is worth it

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If you are having a non-ablative skin procedure such as a laser or a peel, then Clinique Medical is the ideal product. You start with the Skin Conditioning Treatment and then after the procedure you use the Recovery Week Complex. Additionally, there is the Optimizing Treatment Cream and Probiotic Cleanser. I have found these products to be very gentile which is ideal when your skin will be very sensitive after a procedure. Additionally, there is a Daily SPF 38 which is necessary after any procedure. The cleanser is also nice because you do not need to use water to wash it off. For the first few days when you have sensitive areas, you can apply it to dry skin and just tissue it off. This product was just released and many practices are offering special deals or including it free with your procedure. In my practice, we are giving the kit free to every patient having a laser procedure.

I hope this is helpful.

David Shafer, MD
Shafer Plastic Surgery
New York City

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