Why is the breast swelling 5 months after mastectomy?

Had a bilateral mastectomy 5 months ago, with an infection at 3 months. Took antiboctics. Now when I have a cold, or symptoms of a cold, my right breast swells double the size. Plastic surgeon doesn't seem worried. Swells up once to twice a month and it's very painful. Should I be worried even if doctor is not?

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Swelling after mastectomy

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It's hard to know without photo examples of "normal" and "swollen" the good news is that even thought it's been 5 months, it is still relatively early in the healing process. Since you mentioned it worsening when you had a cold- it may be due to poor lymph drainage since your surgery. You may want to see a physical therapist to discuss lymphatic massage to make the most of what lymph channels you have left. 

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Swelling of breast

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Thats a very interesting problem. Do you have implants? does the breast get warm? All the questions need to be answered to know what is going on. When you are swollen perhaps you should visit your surgeon to see if you are accumulating any fluid. I hope this helps!!

Ritu Chopra MD

Ritu Chopra, MD
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