Why Do my Cheeks Randomly Flush and Get Blotchy?

I occasionally get random red blotches on the apples of my cheeks, they appear for about 15 minutes and then go away- what is this?

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Rosacea may be the culprit

There are many causes of flushing, and you may need a complete work-up by a dermatologist to find out, and it may not be possible to find the culprit.

Rosacea is probably the most common cause. This is considered adult acne but not all people have the pimples and some only have the form of Rosacea that consists of tiny capillary blood vessels in the skin.

These can open more at times making more blood flow cause the skin to turn red and feel warm at times. Some people have this as a response to exercise, drinking any type of alcoholic beverage, coming in out of the cold outdoors, having just taken a hot shower, eating spicy food and other triggers are noted by different people.

It often is easily treated by a series of laser treatments, such as the V-beam. There can be other causes, not Rosacea, including hormonal imbalances and even the source can be found in the intestines and endocrinologists and gastroenterologists may be needed to consult at times to find the answer.

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Could be related to rosacea, or possibly as simple as temperature changes

Thanks for your question.

Redness is a hallmark of rosacea, a skin condition where the patient experiences easy flushing to a variety of factors, and a residual "nearly always present" background redness on the cheeks, nose, or area between the eyebrows. It is possible that this is what you are referring to, but there are other skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris that may also be causes of blotchiness on the face. Your dermatologist will be able to help you should you have either of these.

Also, you may want to consider that temperature variations in your environment may be the sole cause. Going from cold to warm areas and vice versa could lead to blotchy facial redness. See if this is a factor when you quickly go into different temperatures.

Hope this helps!

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