Subsicion for my Acars Near NC, SC, GA and VIrginia?

Hi, After doing Research I felt Subsicion is the treatment I should try. I have severe acne rolling scars and its very bad. May I know if there are any doctors near in North Carolina, South Carolina, Atlanta and Virginia who can perform Subsicion or any scar revision surgery. I tried Fraxel Lasers and I am not sure if they will help.

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Severe acne rolling scars

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Thank you for your question. A combination of fractional lasers either CO2, Erbium, or eMatrix devices all seem to help.  Subcision is good for rolling scars in combination with other treatments for best results.  You should seek the recommendations of a board certified dermatologist or a board certified plastic surgeon who has expertise in acne, scarring, and treating various skin types. The ASPS or AAD websites may be helpful for locating one in your area. I hope this helps.

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