Should Teens Get Plastic Surgery?

with it getting more common for 16 yr olds to under go nose jobs, do you as doctors really think teens are good candidates for your practice?

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Teen plastic surgery

I shared my professional opinion with FOX News about the growing number of teens asking for plastic surgery as a graduation gift, particularly breast augmentation and rhinoplasty procedures. 

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Depends on the procedure whether it is appropriate for a teen.  Otoplasty is very appropriate for teens or even younger children as it helps rebuild self esteem.  Breast Augmentation for older teens may be possible if they have the proper family support. Procedures on areas that are still developing is not advisable. Like with any other age group, emotional and mental maturity is key.  

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Depends on the teenager

Teenagers who are still growing physically should not get cosmetic rhinoplasty. Generally speaking from a physical standpoint, once the shoe size is stable for 2 years, there is less likely a chance that the nose will change size. Just as importantly, a factor to consider with teenagers is the emotional and mental maturity required to undergo rhinoplasty. Some patients may be excellent candidates for rhinoplasty, however other patients may lack the maturity to proceed. It is also important to make sure the motivation is from the teenager and not the parent to have the procedure.

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