What should I do to reduce my nasolabial folds? I don't wanna use fillers since it last only 4 months. (photos)

Iam 41 years old man. Surgeons tell me to wait till 50 to make a face lift because the results would not last long if done now. Pleaee check my pics. So since I dont want fillers as juvederm nc I have already tried them.and only last few months. Do you agree with this opinion? I wonder if sculptra or fat filling or cheek implants would be more suitable. Which one and why? Thanks a lot

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Sculptra® could be a great option for you.

I think Sculptra® can be the ideal solution in a case like yours, where your body seems to metabolize typical HA fillers very quickly. Sculptra® doesn’t build immediate volume the way other fillers do, but instead encourages your body to start producing collagen on its own to help minimize your nasolabial folds naturally. Usually an initial treatment lays the foundation, and a second round is performed later to build on those results. The effects of Sculptra® last longer than other fillers, up to two years in some patients. You can try implants if you’re a candidate, but my recommendation is always to see how far you can get with minimally invasive treatments before scheduling surgery.

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