What Would Your Recommend For Burn Scar Contracture?

I have third degree burns on my stomach. I have had skin graft didnt take and wound vac on 3 months. Now that scar is healing I have scar contracture which effecting muscles and nerves. What is the best treatment surgically and non surgically for me since my doc is not skin specialist he advised he cant help.

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Treatment of thick scars and scar contracture.

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Burn scar contracture is likely treated with full thickness skin grafts and release of the scar contracture.  The first step would be to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon familiar with scar revision. 

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Treatment for burn contractures

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At this point, I would recommend that you have your scars evaluated by a plastic surgeon as there may be other treatment options available to you at this time. Sometimes lasers can help to improve the scar but if it is tethered you may need a scar revision.

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