Is there any permanent cure for acne?

I am 28 and getting acne since i was 25 yrs. i had treatment but after some months of that i again started getting acne. The worst part is that the scars of acne remain on skin.. Quite worried and unable to keep myself stressfree coz of that. Need help.

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At your age: Acne vs other acne mimics

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As the person approaches his/her early 20's, the level of androgen hormones go down and the skin also develops antibodies against acne. With or without intervention, acne resolves. However, the tell-tale signs of what happened in the skin remains - the acne scars. Acne goes away but scars stay. They look worse as people age. The goal of acne treatment is to minimize severe exacerbations so that life-long scarring is prevented or minimized. 
Many people think that all bumps and red bumps on their face are caused by acne. Sometimes, this is not the case. At your age, other conditions such as rosacea mimicking acne must be ruled out.  See a medical doctor who is an expert in differentiating acne from acne mimics.

Fresno Physician

Acne Cure

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The only permanent cure for acne is time. You will eventually outgrow your acne. Until then, it can be kept under control with the use of any of a number of prescription medications or, sometimes, even with over-the-counter remedies. But, even then, it can take 6 to 8 weeks before you might see improvement. If antibiotics or other medications don't work, you might be a candidate for Accutane. However, its use should be reserved for severe cystic acne, as that is for what it was intended. Even then, Accutane recurrences are not uncommon, even after 2 or 3 courses of Accutane. If you're female, because it can cause birth defects, you MUST be on birth control and prove that you are. I suggest finding a good Dermatologist and discuss treatment options as well as side effects of any of those options. I hope this helps.                                      jlr

John Louis Ratz, MD
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Permanent cure for acne

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The only true "permanent" cure for acne is Accutane/isotretinoin. It is the only true long-term acne cure; everything else can calm acne down or manage it for a time period, but isotretinoin is the only way to actually alter the pores and glands themselves.

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