Do Birth Contol Pills Make Skin Age Faster?

I am 30 years old, I had 2 surgeries because of chocolate cysts... After last surgery, my dr wanted me to stop my menstrual period by using birth control pills. I started to use pills in 2005, i only have 3 period in a year...(each lasts only 1 day) I use birth pills much more than anyone. I never have normal period as i said,i am afraid. This year my skin started to have discoloration... Are these pills making me age faster? Thank you

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Do Birth Control Pills Make the Skin Age Faster? Not as Much as Having Children Will!

Hi Z,

Birth control pills are related to a condition called melasma which is diffuse increase of brown pigment. Melasma frequently occurs with the natural increase in female hormones during pregnancy as well. Discuss your concerns with your physician as well as a dermatologist. Good luck and be well.

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