Best Treatment for Glabellar and Forehead Lines?

I have a prominent, curved line between my eyebrows and some new ones in the middle of my forehead. They have not been caused by frowning, which is physically almost impossible for me to do, but by sleeping with my face scrunched onto the pillow, as I have recently discovered I do. What would be the best way to treat these lines? I have completely changed my sleeping position which will hopefully take care of the appearance of any future lines.

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Glabella and forehead lines

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My first line of defense in these areas is Botox. I tell my patients that it most likely won't make it as smooth as a baby's bottom, but it will reduce the muscle movement and that usually helps.

Some lines have been there quite a while. For those, I at times come back and fill them in with a filling agent, (usually a HA, like juvederm or restylane). This seens to work well.

Treating Forehead Lines

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These lines appear to be caused by the facial muscles that underly your skin. In order to help reduce the appearance of these lines, relaxing the muscle with Botox is very effective.

Corey S. Maas, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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