Best Anti-aging Skincare Line?

What is the best full skin care line (prescription and not) that reduces or eliminates small wrinkles (especially in eye and mouth areas) and darkness under eyes? It should also work as prevention for aging signs in the future.

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This is the sort of question that would get 20 different answers if you asked 30 different dermatologists. We all have our favorites but most of us would chose a Retinoid and an alpha hdroxy acid. Prescription strength I prefer Tazarac cream 0.1 for dry or normal skin and Tazarac gel 0.1 for oily skin. However, you probably would have to work your way up to this strength by using it every other night at first or combining it with a moisturizer.OTC, I like RoC Retinol Correxion deep wrinkle night cream.

In the morning I would apply a sunscreen-moisturizer product. My two favorites would be ReVale Skin and Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing cream.

I am also intrigued by the new product Vitivia in which a pure, stabilized Vitamin C product is placed on the skin. Skinceuticals C E with Ferulic is also an excellent product.

There are a number of other promising ingredients that can be found in a host of products. However, with many of these products, the marketing is outstriping the science. Such ingredients as argireline, matrixyl, eyeseryl, boswelox, DMAE, GABA, and copper peptides may be effective but I, showing the skepticism my mentors have ingrained into me, would say the science jury is still out.

I recently read a monograph attesting to the use of human growth factors in assisting in the anti-aging battle. Skin Medica has a nice line with these particular molecules.

The May 2009 issue of Cosmetic Dermatology contained an intriguing article about the purported effectiveness of secretions from a mollusk, Cryptomphalus aspera, in reducing the appearance of aging, both on the skin and under the microscope.

As far as lines: I like Skinceuticals, Neo-Strata, Neutragena, RevaleSkin and Oil of Olay. I would also advise you to buy an inexpensive cleanser and use your facial cream under the eyes rather than buying a separate eye cream.

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