Belly Button Scar Raised and Red 4 Months After Full TT. Options? (photo)

Hi there I had a full tummy tuck 4 months ago, I am very pleased with the results however, the scar around my belly button is really worrying me it is very raised, hard and very red, is there anything I can do to help ease the appearance of the angry scar? will it get better with time? I have other scars on my body but nothing like this, can someone please give me some advice as to what I can do. Many thanks

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Hypertrophic scar

This is a Hyperthrophic scar.  It can be treated with steroid injections to soften and flatten.  Sometimes it needs to be removed and resutured.  Discuss this with your surgeon. He has lots of experience with this

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Raised red scar around belly button 4 monthys after a tummy tuck

You have a hypertrophic scar, which is not very common in this area. With the round design of your umbilicus, there's tension in all directions causing your body to make more scar. I would suggest Kenalog (steroid) injections into the scar to help "melt it down". The side effect is that your scar will also widen and you might need a surgical revision at a later date. Talk to your plastc surgeon. Good luck.

George Marosan, MD
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Information about belly button scars and bad scars after a tummy tuck - need for revision of a tummy tuck scar with laser

This belly button scar needs immediate attention to avoid further scar contracture.  I would recommend immediate laser, IIT, and pressure treatment to avoid any further surgery. good luck

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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