I have a splint to help bruxism but it's made my bite and TMJ worse. Should I continue to wear it? (Photo)

i went to a dentist to get venneer, he recommended crown because i have bruxsim. he gave me a splint to wear for two month for some reason before statrting my bite has changed , my tmj became worse , help me with that now i have two bite! sometime my teeth are over each other,sometime a small openbite, i dont have proibvlem with open bite, but when my teeth are coming over each other (flopping together ) what i should do should i continue with the splint?

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Thank you for posting your question.  State your concerns to your dentist.  When are you having pain?  When the splint is in or out?  You may need an adjustment on your splint.  you could also be having pain because your bite is going back and forth when the splint is in and out.  Only your dentist can decide.  If you not happy with what he does then get a second opinion.   Find a Pankey trained dentist in your area and they may be able to help you.  

Different splints

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There are different kinds of splints. I would tell the dentist your problems and concerns and they should be able to make you a different kind...or alter the one you have. Be sure to bring the splint with you too the appointment.

Dr. Reiser

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