I Am in my Twenties and Need to Fix Sagging and a Marionette Line Just on my Left Side of my Face? (photo)

I am happy with the right side of my face but the left side of my face looks old and is sagging, and has a deep marionette line. Are cheek implants right for me? I want to avoid a tight, overdone look but am desperate to fix this sagging.

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Non-Surgical Cheek Lift for Marionette Lines

Since you are still young and it looks minor, consult with a dermatologist about a non-surgical cheek lift with dermal fillers to address your symmetry issues.  Three injectables used most often include Restylane, Radiesse and JuvĂ©derm and add volume to the face and plump cheekbones. They are also used to slightly modify the structure of the facial region. Which formulation used depends on your specific goals and needs. The temporary fillers are injected to lift the cheek pads up for the result of high, rounded apple-shaped cheeks. Dermal fillers typically last about one year to 18 months. Cheek implants, on the contrary, lift check pads laterally.

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Treatment for Saggy Cheek?

Hi Cheer.  We would probably ask you to do nothing.  In the photo it appears that you may be smiling slightly and that your smile naturally pulls up on your right side.  This appears to us to be the difference between left and right.  

Even in the event that this is not occurring because of the smile and is just mild asymmetry, we would not try to correct it at this point.  Whatever you do to try and correct something this mild may actually create a different issue.  

You look very youthful and definitely not saggy!  Good luck.

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