Bad Sun Damage on Face. How to Regenerate Lost Collagen?

I spent a week in a sun and made the mistake of neglecting the sunscreen and hat. My facial skin looks really bad now; it feels rough and I can also see some fine wrinkles if I touch it. I heard that the sun can destroy collagen in our skin, so will my skin be able to naturally regenerate the lost collagen or will I never be able to fully recover from this? I am 23 years old, if that helps at all.

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Photodynamic therapy and sun damage.

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Unfortunately, the damaging effects of the sun are cumulative so you should start protecting your skin now with daily sunscreen SPF 30 or higher and a hat.  You should see your dermatologist to have all of your skin checked and she may suggest tretinoin cream, which can stimulate collagen, and an anti-oxidant serum which neutralizes free radicals which damage cells.

You may be a candidate for photodynamic therapy with Levulan and blue light.  This treatment burns off sun damaged cells and stimulates some collagen and skin is smoother afterwards.  With protection and treatment, you can reverse some of your sun damage and regain youthful skin.

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