How Often Does Atrophy Occur in the Skin After a Cortisone Injection?

I have a couple acne cysts on my face that have been there for months. I want to have them injected but have heard horror stories of atrophy and discoloration. What are the chances that these may occur? I know it varies from person to person, but are atrophy and hyper pigmentation relatively common with these injections?

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Atrophy is rare with acne injections

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Atrophy and pigmentary change is rare with acne injections.  Any good dermatologist should be able to inject an acne cyst with minimal risk. 

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Atrophy in the Skin From Cortisone Injections

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Most of us who do a ton of acne injections use a very dilute cortisone solution making atrophy an extremely rare event.  Please go to an experienced Dermatologist for these injections as a strong cortisone injection in the face is much more likely to cause atrophy.  Someone with less experience may not be using the correct solution.  Hyper-pigmentation is harder to predict as it depends on how deep the cyst is, what your underlying skin tone is, and even your ethnicity.  Remember that very inflamed cysts may heal with atrophy and hyper-pigmentation even without treatment.

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
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