Are forehead lines normal at 18? (photos)

I asked a question on here a few days ago, but the photo I provided wasn't great. I hope the one I show here is better. I have faint expression lines already on my forehead. I worry they're signs of premature aging. Are such lines normal for my age? If not, what can I do to minimize them?

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Lines are normal

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We all have lines within the skin.  The underlying muscles move and animate our face and neck.  Subtle lines and creases are normal.  Deeper lines and wrinkles are a result of many influences upon the skin.  At your youthful age you should consider using a good moisture cream and protective sun block on a daily basis.  Eat a healthy diet, exercise often and stay away from cigarettes.

Wrinkles and lines

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Wrinkles and lines in the skin are caused by both degenerative changes within the skin’s structure (i.e.-decrease in collagen and elastin) and repetitive use of muscles underneath the skin’s surface. The only way to “naturally” stop further wrinkling from occurring would be to stop using the facial muscles, which eventually create those facial creases/wrinkles. Botox/Dysport would be a great option for you to smooth your current lines as well as prevent future wrinkles from occurring. Botox/Dysport (different products, same active ingredient) contain a purified form of protein called Botulinum Toxin A. This purified protein is injected in tiny amounts, and works to relax the muscles by blocking nerve impulses from reaching those muscles. This lack of nerve stimulation keeps the muscle relaxed, smoothing the skin, and preventing new wrinkles from forming. If you were not wanting to have injections, microneedling and chemical peels would provide a more mild form of results. 
Microneedling is a great, non-invasive treatment that can decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture/tone. The procedure works by using a tool (microneedling pen) to induce intended injury to the face, stimulating a new growth of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are essential components of this skin to keep it looking youthful. Chemical peels work on the top layer of our skin, by removing the dead skin cells that build up over time. After a chemical peel, the skin will naturally start to shed off the dead layers, hence it’s name chemical “peel.” The peeling off of the dead skin cells will allow for brighter, more youthful appearing skin while diminishing fine wrinkles. 

Lines in the forehead

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As the frontalis muscle contracts over and over again, lines develop in the forehead. As the years go by the lines get deeper, which is a normal part of the aging process. Neurotoxins (botox, xeomen, dysport) are used to paralyze the frontalis muscle and can either help smooth existing lines or in your case prevent them from forming further. 
Sam Sadler MD Memphis TN

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