Can I Use Anti-aging Night Creams Even if I'm Only 22? I Bought Loreal Products.

I recently bought Lorea'l anti-aging night crean and anti-aging eye cream. I'm only 22 but I want to be sure I start doing something to protect my face from wrinkles as I get old. I use aveeno products to clean my face and use a moisturizer with a SPF 30 on it. Are there any other brands you recommend.

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You can. But its too early.

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It’s difficult to navigate when to start using wrinkle creams. Signs of aging appear on everyone at a different time depending on lots of extrinsic — external — factors like sun exposure, as well as factors like the melanin content in your skin (which gives you a darker or lighter complexion). But it’s good to start thinking about anti-aging routines right now because you can stave off a lot of future damage.


Aging starts at a different time for everyone. Collagen production slows 1% every year after about age 21. Depending on conditions like how much sun exposure you have or what your diet is like, you could see signs of aging in your 20s or 30s, or as late as your 50s or 60s.

The absolute most important thing to put on your face right now to stave off aging is sunscreen and it’s better to go with an SPF higher than 15 because most people don’t apply enough to achieve the real SPF.

There are also several other products that will do wonders for preventing aging and correcting any signs of aging you might have now, like CE Ferulic Acid Serum, Retinol, and a peptide-containing night cream.

Right now is a great time to start working to keep your skin looking young and I wish you all the best of luck in figuring out your routine.

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