Spanx + Smart Lipo. How tight should my Spanx be?

How tight should be my spanx?Whenever I sit I get the crease line

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Compression garments after Smart Lipo

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Some type compression is necessary to prevent undue swelling and the formation of lumps and/or seromas.  If the garment is too tight, it can create more problems than it solves not to mention the fact that a garment that is too tight can be painful. Also, there can be areas of creases and those can be dealt with by further cushioning under the garment itself or getting a garment that is not as tight. Gauze pads can be used for the purpose of further cushioning. In order to reduce swelling further, I would recommend properly administered lymphatic massage. It is a gentle by effective way to eliminate swelling and hard nodules that sometimes are present after SmartLipo.  Ultrasound heating with DMSO is another option to reduce swelling. The quicker you can reduce swelling, the faster you will heal and achieve a better result, so the aftercare is important. 

Dr. Knott

Marietta Physiatrist
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Compression after liposuction

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Thank you for your question. I typically recommend "comfortable compression." That is, get a garment that fits you snugly, but one that is not making your miserable. The compression tends to help control some of the swelling, and usually patients report feeling comforted by it. It becomes less necessary after a week or two. Best wishes on your recovery.

Paul J. Leahy, MD
Leawood Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Loss

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Thank you for your question, deepti.k. It is important that you are comfortable during the recovery phase and for that reason your Spanx should not be giving you any crease lines. Now that you have removed some deeper layers of fat, it is helpful for you to consider SculpSure which can melt up to 25% of you unwanted subcutaneous fat in a simple 25 minute in-office treatment with a much easier recovery timeline than ant form of Liposuction. Please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. Make sure to schedule a follow-up appointment with your surgeon if you have any prolonged discomfort from your SmartLipo.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Your Spanx should be comfortably snug

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there is no additional benefit by wearing Spanx that are too tight and are uncomfortable.
also you don't want the Spanx to stop in the middle of the area which was treated with Smartlipo.
thus if you had Smartlipo on your abdomen, you want the Spanx to extend well above your abdomen.
there are lots of different Spanx, spandex and compression garments, to fit whatever 
area you had treated.

remember you will continue to improve for 6 months after Smartlipo. 
it is a great procedure. it is helpful but will not make you perfect, so 
be realistic in your expectations.

david berman md

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