Alternative to Fillers for Smile Lines?

i am a 41 year old female and i have smiles lines that really bother me. i am afraid to try and fillers because i have a fear of needles. so my question is are there any other alternative treatments to help reduce smile lines?

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Alternative to Fillers for Smile Lines?

Thank you for your question. Fillers are great to fill in folds or volume loss area.  Another option is skin tightening or Refirme to help stimulate collagen.  The treatment option will vary  depending on the skin condition and individual's expectation.  I would recommend being treated under the supervision of a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for safest and best treatment option. I hope this helps.

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Laser and topical options for skin tightening

Since smile lines result from a lack of volume, fillers are the ideal way to improve and soften them. Fear of needles can prevent their use, and there are other options besides botox and fillers although they do not work as well for deep lines. Fractionated ablative and nonablative lasers can be used to treat the affected region on your face (light skin) or the whole face (darker skin types). Nonablative fractionated lasers (i.e. Fraxel) can be usually administered with topical numbing without needles, while ablative fractionated lasers (i.e.CO2) usually required needles/shots for anesthesia. I am also a firm believer in topical retinoids to improve the overall quality of the skin. Again, none of these treatments will give the result of a filler, but they can certainly improve your smile lines.

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