Allergic Reaction Rash/bump or Other Near Pubic Area? (photo)

I work 70 hour weeks in a restaurant in very warm conditions. The darker brown area pictured was first a strange dark pimple that I think was caused by friction from my jeans from work. After that went away I used lemon juice to try to lighten the dark area. Next I developed the red rash on the left side and then also found one small raised red bump towards the top of my pubic area. I've also had unprotected sex last December and concerned if the rash/bump is STD related? Thanks for your time.

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Rash near pubic area

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It looks like you have folliculitis. Most likely, the brown patch represents dark color left over after there was earlier folliculitis in that location too. From the photo, there are no obvious signs of a sexually transmitted disease (stds).  A visit to your local dermatologist could help further diagnose the specific type of folliculitis, rule out stds, and select and appropriate treatment.

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