How to Remove Black Spots from Allergic Reaction?

I have black raised (some) spots on my hands and arms, and black spots on my legs from an allergic reaction to Nickle. Therefore I am always covering up which is unfortunate in the summer time. I have tried many creams but to no advantage. For the past 5 years they have been lightening up but now I'm looking for a laser treatment or a surgery to fully remove these "spots" (not necessarily a scar) ? ? ?

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in my experience, there is a greater chance of causing more hyperpigmentation and discoloration by trying to lighten hyperpigmentation with lasers, especially on the legs.  Possibly very light chemical peels with the careful application of lightening creams but a dermatologist should evaluate you first to determine if the pigment is superficial or deep. this can be checked easily with a special black light.

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