How to remove dark brown discoloration around the mouth? And get rid of acne scar/brown dots & dark circles under eyes? (photo)

my skin gets very dry, especially around my mouth. I also have stubborn acne marks that doesn't go away, but I don't get acne anymore. I used many products but they dry out my skin. for past 6 months I have been using bio oil, aveeno clear complexion face wash in the morning, and clearasil (ultra acne marks wash and mask) face wash at night; but haven't seen any difference. I am Indian and vegetarian. do you think it might be vitamin deficiency? i am iron deficient. have verybad under eyecircle

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Mouth pigmentation in Indian Skin

This is possibly melasma. I would try prescription products such as Retin A and hydroquinone. If no improvement, chemical peels can be done. I've heard PRP might be helpful but have no experience in this situation.

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Discoloration & Difficiencies

Deficiencies can effect skin tone, however I recommend a consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist with experience using combination treatments of creams, lasers, and peels for your hyperpigmentation. For you dark under eye, this is genetic and can be treated with lower eyelid surgery or fillers, lasers, and microneedling/PRP. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Treating Acne Scarring

HI, we have found success with combining BellaFill Injections along with a dermapen/laser or Vivace procedure for treating acne scars. This is the best combination to fill in and smooth out the scarring. Good luck! 

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Dark Circles around the mouth

This type of hyperpigmentation can be helped though a combination of topical Vitamin C, bleaching creams and chemical peels.  Care must be used not to irritate the skin.  Please consult a specialist.  Best, Dr. Green

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