What is the best treatment option for undereye wrinkles (while smiling)? (photo)

Hi, I am 28 years old and have terrible under eye wrinkles and crow's feet when I smile. What is my best treatment option. The wrinkles are not as prominent when I am not smiling, but there are fine lines present.

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Eyelid lines when smiling

Firstly, the lines in the picture did not look terrible to me.

I know that is not the answer that you are looking for. Older patients are frequently treated with fillers, laser resurfacing/fraxel, and radio frequency devices. At age 28 I believe that none of these would be appropriate for you. You might consider a little Botox around the eyes and if the provider feels comfortable they will sometimes inject a little bit right under the lower lid margin. This frequently works great and has the significant upside that it is relatively inexpensive and if you don't like it, it goes away without any longterm sequela. Good luck

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