Am I Aging Too Fast? Visible Eye Wrinkles at 24 Years Old. What Can I Do About It?

I am only 24 years old but have terrible eye wrinkles. I have avery healthy lifestyle,don't smoke/drink, sleep 9 hours every night, rarely use make-up, use sunscreen, but my eye wrinkles are getting deeper and deeper. I also have gray hair here and there. Am I aging prematurely? What can I do to get rid of my eye wrinkles? Is botox my only option? What about fillers or Retin-A? I want something safe and right for my young age. I should add that my skin is super sensitive and gets red easily.

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Botox for premature crow's feet

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Botox is the simplest and frankly the best option for these crow's feet wrinkles near the outside corners of the eyes. The creases are created by the actions of the circular muscle that surrounds the eyes. Prior to the use of botox surgical procedures were devised to address this but those turned out to not be reliable or permanent. Unfortunately for the patient but fortunate for the manufacturer botox is reliable but not a permanent solution either.

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