Fines Lines All over Face at 40 - What to Do?

I'm age 40 my whole face has thin line wrinkles. The change to my facial wrinkles has come on so suddenly I feel something more is happening than the normal wrinkling processes. Please help. I have dry patches and recently my face burns like a sun burn.

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For fine lines at age 40, Fraxel Dual is the way to go

Fraxel's Dual Laser, a combo of the 1550 and 1927 laser is a great solution to fine lines of the face.  Both lasers are used at the same sitting.  Downtime is a day or two with the peeling done around day 4 or 5.  You need 3 usually, about 1 month appart.  Sometimes filler is also needed or you could opt for autologous fat transfer as well.  I have post a photo of a Fraxel Dual patient in the photos section.

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