Possible Acne Scar Treatments? (photo)

Hello, I will be visiting some doctors very soon. I would like to get some consultation regarding possible treatments and costs, along with the total amount of time the treatments will take, so that I don't go in completely blind. Thank you.

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If you go to a plastic surgeons office you have a few options for acne scars. There is micro laser peel and pro fractional laser and even a mini facelift to stretch out the skin and make the acne scars fade.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Acne Scars that are depressed mildly

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I think your scars are not very deep. The goal for you would be some more conservative treatments. I would consider laser resurfacing. But a multilayered approach could be the best option. You should think about learning about the difference between fractional and traditional resurfacing, active and deep fx.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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