Acne Problem During Menstruation (Period)

I have moderate pimple problems and it worsens everytime during my menstruation . And my face is full with pimple scars . What treatment is better for me ? Does acid peeling or IPL works permanently in clearance of my pimple ?

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Acne worsening with menstrual periods

Acne in young women is a common problem. In many cases there is a hormonal component, as acne may flare around the time of the menstrual period. There are several different treatments including presciption topical and oral medicines.  These include hormonal therapies that are effective in some cases.  Dark spots will lighten on their own in time.  However, scars are permanent.  Once the acne is under control, there are various cosmetic procedures that can be done to improve the dark spots quicker and make scars less apparent.  Touch base with your Dermatologist for more information.

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Acne Problem

Best is to receive detailed care from a dermatologist in your area. Follow the treatment protocol. Also check with GYN doctor for treatment if hormonal acne.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Acne options

You have Acne and fairly common symptoms. I would not treat your condition with acid peeling...Initially I would recommend optimizing the medical approach with topical retinoids, antibioitics and topical antibiotics. Additional options include certain birth control pills. If you fail these measures, then you may consider other less common alternatives such as photodynamic therapy. Last resort for recalcitrant acne is accutane.

Steven Hacker, MD
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