Acne Caused by Stress?

Can acne be caused by stress? I have acne that has started coming in on my back and cheek bones, and I am not sure why. I do not eat a lot of chocolate or junk food. What can I do about this?

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Stress and Acne

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Acne is not a psychogenic disease. However, stress may possibly aggrevate an acne tendency.

Stress can cause an increase in some of the adrenal hormones that can trigger a response in the sebaceous glands. More sebum and if you have the other prerequisites for acne: a plugged follicle, bacterial overgrowth in the follicle, an over active immune response...then acne can result.

If it was merely stress everyone would be walking around with acne, even the elderly.

My advice on treatment would be to use Oxy 5 once a day and aquaglycolic cream once a day. Perhaps, a salicylic acid wash if you have blackheads. If this does not work, I would seek the care of a dermatologist.

Hope that helps.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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