Can I Clear My Skin Within 6 Months? How?

I am korean and have been suffering from acne for almost 8 years and i am only 18years old. As result i have acne spots but not only that but i also have new acne appearing everyday. I was hoping to clear my skin before June 2011. I am desperate for help and looking for solutions and estimated costs.

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Clear Skin by Summertime

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Any patient with nodulocystic appearing acne should see a board certified dermatologist immediately for an accurate diagnosis, evaluate for any underlying causes, and a treatment plan.  Nodulocystic acne can be treated with multiple modalities but most involve systemic medicines.  Female patients may benefit from oral contraceptives or an anti-androgen medicine called spironolactone.  Some patients with nodulocystic acne benefit greatly from Accutane.   In patients not interested in Accutane, oral antibiotics are a mainstay of almost any acne regimen.  With the right diagnosis and treatment plan, patients can expect to see improvement within 6 to 8 weeks. 

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