Is Acanya a Good Treatment for Acne?

Ia acanya a good treatment for acne

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Acanya a good treatment for the right patient

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Acanya is another version of the combination antibiotics like Duac and Benzaclin.  It is FDA proven to help improve acne lesions.  It has a little bit lower percentage of benzoyl peroxide, which can be a good thing.  This is because some patients develop an irritation and redness from benzoyl peroxide on about the third day of use, so watch for this side effect.  If it occurs you can use the product less often to give your face a break!  Patients that get redness and irritation from acne products often complain that the redness looks worse than the acne did!

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It is an option

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I often use Acanya in combination with Rx retinoids like Tazorac, Retin A or Differin. It is a combination antibiotic that is well tolerated. It can be used as an occasional spot treatment as well if your acne breakouts are infrequent.

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