What to Do with Wrinkles Only on One Side of the Face?

I'm worried because I'm developing more and more wrinkles just on one side of my face. It's the side where my face is exposed to the sun when I drive. After I noticed it (about a year ago) I quit smoking, I use sunscreen religiously every time I go out (and specially when I have to drive). Nothing works, I still I keep on wrinkling and wrinkling, still just one side of my face. Any advice? Is there a way to make my face "more even"? I'm only 30, I really don't like this. Thanks.

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Wrinkles on one side of face

It's good that you started using sunscreen and stopped smoking. That will help delay their development. There are several options you can consider for wrinkles, including Botox, fillers and laser skin treatments. They can all be done on the one side of your face.

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The left side of your face will get more wrinkles since there is more UV exposure while driving.

 Certainly use SPF 30, and consider tinting your driver-side window. You can even out the wrinkles with Injectable Filler treatments.

I hope this is helpful, and best regards.

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