Plastic Surgery to Correct Large Bulge in Left Abdominal Wall?

I am male, 54 years old. I have a bulge from partial nephrectomy. sticks out about 4” x 8” x 10”. June tried a hernia repair, but made it worse. I have to lay on my right side because the left is painful and is like laying on an inverted bowl. It has gotten so large people comment about it and the children I teach at talk about it. I now have to move from 5x to 6x shirts to find something to go over the "football". I think it is causing my left knee and hip to get worse.

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Cosmetic surgery is not the answer for fixing recurrent hernia

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You almost certainly have a large recurrent hernia of the flank. The location on the flank is one that's more prone to recurrence and sometimes requires the involvement of both a general surgeon and a plastic surgeon to fix. Often times, the general surgeon will delineate the diameter of the hernia, ensure that the intra-adbominal contents are placed back in the abdomen, and place a piece of mesh over the defect. Biologic meshes, which are pig or human skin with all the cells removed, are being used with increasing frequency for this purpose, as they become incorporated into your body over time. The plastic surgeon's role is to then place a muscle flap over the mesh, to give more support to your repair.

Bottom line - anything short of another hernia repair is really not a good answer. Best of luck.

Surgery to correct large bulge in left abdominal wall?

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Dear Alesix,

You appear to have a very large recurrent hernia. Obviously, the repair you had in June failed. For another procedure to succeed, you need to see a General Surgeon who specializes in hernia repairs and present him/her with the operative notes of your procedure. There are several ways of repairing such openings and to know what did not work, the surgeon needs to know what exactly was done.

This rarely becomes a Plastic surgery procedure until flesh is missing. Such surgery would requiring borrowing a muscle from nearby to attempt closure here. This would not be recommended unless the use of a mesh is absolutely not indicated.

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD, FACS

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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