How to Get Rid of Frown Lines from Fat Pockets on Mouth Corners?

I have little pockets of fat on the corners of my mouth where frown lines are beginning to show. I'm only 24, but these little circles are noticeable. They seem to be holding a bit more fat as they protrude out of my face more then the rest of the skin. When I smile, it makes my face look like I have the dog cheeks hanging over. What could I do to make these pockets blend in with my face? I also have melasma and the pockets are lighter than my skin tone and I have discoloration around my mouth and chin area.

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Fixing the hound dog appearance may require a combination of treatments

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Fixing the hound dog appearance may require a combination of treatments. Often small pockets of fat just outside the corners of the mouth can be easily treated with a needle liposuction technique where a small amount of excess fat is removed with a tiny needle and syringe with no visible scars, minimal bruising, and no significant down-time. If the heaviness is caused by a crease or fold, this can also be corrected by injecting a filler into the area just in front of the "jowl" and that may be sufficient to correct the problem. Sometimes a combination of those two procedures may be required depending upon the severity of the problem. As far as the melasma is concerned, there are several options including physician skin care products or topical prescriptions of bleaching creams and retin-a, intense pulsed light treatments, chemical peels or laser treatments. I hope this information helps.

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Frown lines around mouth

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You may want to use a "peel and bleach" type cream for the melasma. One commercially available prescription is Triluma. You must use sunblock while using this. The fat pockets are more difficult to treat., IF these are jowl lines, you may want to consider fillers in the prejowl area but you are very young to begin fillers. I have seen this in individuals who have lost alot of weight but it is difficult to treat.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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